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Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi permanent make up, otherwise known as micro-pigmentation, has grown tremendously in popularity, in recent years. It has become the ‘must have’ procedure in the beauty world and is considered a necessity by celebrities and anyone who wants to look and feel good all the time........

Micro-pigmentation is a refined variation of cosmetic tattooing in which hypoallergenic pharmaceutical grade pigments are introduced into the skin in order to create a shadow of colour that mimics the most perfectly applied make-up.

Semi-permanent eyebrow make up is a form of cosmetic tattooing that creates beautiful, stylish and high definition brows, designed to your individual specific requirements.

Together with state of the art digital equipment, medical strength topical anaesthetics and the skilled hand of Sandra, you can be confident in receiving a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Dependent on lifestyle, medication and skin type, semi permanent cosmetics will fade in time and a top-up procedure is normally required every 1-3 years.

Groomed, well-defined eyebrows are often described as providing a ‘mini facelift’ look. Semi permanent make up applied to enhance your brow area, using a natural 3D hair stroke technique, could give you that ‘mini facelift’ without the need for surgery.


Before you're initial treatment, we'll arrange a free consultation and patch test. Your initial treatment (airstroke and powdered brow procedure, including one touch-up, within 3 months) is £295

Colour top-up, up to 12 months following your procedure: £295

Colour top-up after 12 months: £95

Any top up after a period of 30 months, will require a full new procedure, charged at full price.

Top-Up pricing only applies to treatments carried out at Beauty Within. If your original treatment was carried out elsewhere, a consultation will be require, at which we can discuss available options.

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